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"Your African History" Lesson 7

Thursday, May 16 @ 2pm

  • 5 US dollars
  • Woodbridge

All About This Adventure

The content of this learning adventure is designed for 3rd grade and older. This ancient African history course – designed for youth and families of the Diaspora – highlights the great contributions of Africans to human civilization and empowers learners to recognize the greatness of their ancestors within themselves. The early sessions will cover the African continent, common misconceptions about its geography, and its role in birthing and educating humanity. Later sessions will focus on some of ancient Africa’s great civilizations and kingdoms that serve as inspirational reminders of our greatness today. These sessions will spark an interest in young minds and lay an excellent foundation for anyone seeking to learn more about their African heritage. Topics covered include: · Lesson 1: Why study ancient African history? · Lesson 2: Our Motherland: The Diversity of the African continent · Lesson 3: The Beginning: How Africa Gave Birth to Humanity · Lesson 4: Classical Africa: How Africa Educated the World · Lesson 5: Nubia: A Legacy of Master Builders and Philosophers · Lesson 6: The Kingdom of Kush: The World’s First Monarchy · Lesson 7: The Warriors of Ta-Seti · Lesson 8: The Queens of Meroë: Legendary Leaders and Defenders of a Kingdom

Contact Details

  • Woodbridge, VA, USA

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