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Warm Greetings from your Organizer...

Hello Homeschool Families,


Welcome to Kindred Learning Adventures where homeschool learners make friends and memories! 

As a homeschooling mother, I know that a community such as ours is an invaluable resource for Black and Brown homeschooling families. I wholeheartedly understand the importance of a vibrant and culturally conscious homeschooling community and I am committed to expanding and strengthening our community one learner and family at a time. 


As a DMV native, I know my hometown like the back of hand! I am on a mission to bring the wonders of this area right to your homeschooling journey. I believe that our homeschooling community is stronger when we collaborate, so I am also committed to partnering with community educators and small businesses that value our unique community.

My family's deep-rooted love for science, nature, and reverence for marginalized narratives and perspectives in history inspires Kindred Learning Adventures content. I trust that families who align with those inspirations will feel safe and welcomed in our community. 

I am happy you found your way here, and I warmly welcome you to explore our website, join us on our next learning adventure, or even becoming a member of our growing community.

See you when the time is right!

With Kindness and Gratitude,

Deanna Sherman B.A, M.A, LMT

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