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Creating Space to Take Up Space

For us, homeschooling is a lifestyle, which means school is session everyday. However, homeschool does not have to be only at home. Kindred Learning Adventures strives to bring "community schooling" to the homeschool experience. We strive to hold safe, welcoming, and culturally-conscious space for homeschool learners to thrive and connect with other homeschool learners while feeling seen, heard, valued, and respected. 


As flexible community school for the culture, Kindred Learning Adventures strives to:

  • Create space for our children to take up space--Let them run, jump, climb, and ask questions

  • Offer an assortment of opportunities for families and learners to engage within the community

  • Encourage learners to enthusiastically express their existing knowledge and skills

  • Provide thought-provoking opportunities for learners to learn and try new things 

  • Build a community of learners who value kindness, collaboration, and friendship


Our goal is build a strong collective of homeschooling families who value warm-hearted social interactions, hands-on learning, and making time for building our community. We are a secular homeschool co-op that makes space for eco-consciousness, healing arts, and encourages self-expression. We aspire to find like-minded families to collaborate and build a strong community of friends and leaders.

Our Mission

Kindred Learning Adventures is a culturally-conscious flexible homeschool co-op that holds safe and supportive space for Black, Black-Identifying, BIPOC, and other marginalized homeschooling families and their learners. We strive to build a community of homeschooling families who socialize, support, and inspire each other in their homeschooling efforts. We strive to provide a secular space to enrich and socialize our learners through hands-on or experiential learning adventures.


Learning through fun and play is at the core of our pedagogical philosophy and we work hard to increase our learners background and practical knowledge. We are dedicated to encouraging and exemplifying healthy friendships and providing opportunities for our learners to to build leadership skills in a group setting. We will foster a culture of unconditional positive regard towards one another and encourage celebration of our cultural alignments and tolerance for our differences.  We believe in uplifting out learners’ confidence and  independence by reinforcing empathy, respect, and understanding and setting healthy boundaries.


 Neurodivergent learners are welcome

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