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Field Trip to Smithsonian

February 6 @ 11 am

  • Washington D.C.

All About This Adventure

This month we will focus on Physical Science and Geology. Our group has reserved this day at the one of most popular Smithsonian Museum to learn more about the building blocks of Earth...Rocks! This is a free event, but requires a minimum of 15 learners. We will need to vote as a community which topic we will cover for our private Qurius Lab lesson led by one of the Smithsonian experts. Choice 1: Discovering Fossils Parent's are welcome to explore the museum with other parent's and/or non-attending learners while, their attending learners remain in the Quirus lab with KLA chaperone and Smithsonian staff. Registration/RSVP is required for attending learners only.

Contact Details

  • Washington D.C., DC, USA

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