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Kindred Learning Garden Club


Let's Grow Our

Own Community Garden!

Late Winter 2024, Kindred Learning Adventures is proud to offer our community the another opportunity to learn about growing produce in our community garden space.


Sign up to learn more about how you could join in to learn how to start, grow, and nurture our very own flower and vegetable garden 


On this adventure we will:

  • Learn about the life cycle of a plant and vegetables

  • Learn about soil amending, pest management, composting, and best organic gardening practices

  • We will start seeds in pots and later transplant them into our community garden space to be nurtured grow, throughout the spring gardening season.

  • Work together as a community to water, weed, and tend to our growing garden

  •  Harvest our crops

  • Contribute to our fundraising farmers market stand

Garden Club Virtual Meeting: Wednesday, February 28, 2024


Plant and Play in Woodbridge, VA on March 5, 2024:

  • We will make a perfect blend of seed starting soil

  • Plant our spring crop seeds in a decomposable pots

  • Label and water our seeds to then be nurtured in our greenhouse nursery  

Weed and Water Days

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

(each family commits to at least 3 days a month)


Spaces are limited

This adventure is just right for the whole family!

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