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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions, we have answers!

Q:  Do we have to become members to join in the fun of Kindred Learning Adventures?

A: Yes! We strongly encourage families to take advantage of the benefits of KLA membership. We welcome non-members at the discretion of the organizer. As we work toward non-profit status, KLA remains dedicated to reallocating any membership dues and profits to the operations and betterment of our organization. 

Q: What do our membership dues and material fee pay for?

A: Each membership due collected goes towards the costs related to space rental, event deposits and maintaining website.

Each material fee collected helps to pay for paper, art and science supplies, snacks, and any other as needed materials

Q: If KLA is a space for Black and Black-Identifying, and we are neither, can we still join in on the fun or become members of KLA?

A: Absolutely! KLA welcomes any homeschooling family that maintains a cultural-consciousness of the compounding effects of implicit biases, institutional racism, and the detrimental influences of white supremacy experienced by The Foundational Black People of America, BIPOC, and other marginalized communities. Any family including Black and Black-Identifying families who join KLA must regard the need to create this safe and culturally-conscious space.  

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